The Disadvantages of Free VPN

A VPN sends your information to a remote server, keeping it safe from scrutiny and hackers. It also makes it difficult for sites and apps to track you — which is a positive thing. However it’s often difficult to find a good free VPN. Many of them make money from their service in one way or another, which could result in privacy issues. For example, Hola was recently found to share its users their browsing habits with advertising networks, and this isn’t just a single situation.

Free VPNs are often limited in bandwidths, as they attempt to reduce infrastructure costs. This results in slow speeds and crowded servers. They also have a limited number servers. This can make it difficult to access content from certain countries.

Some of these services are not secure enough, making it easier for my latest blog post hackers access your personal information. Websites can also be blacklisted which is a different issue.

Free VPNs typically provide minimal customer support, which can be problematic if you happen to run into any problems. Premium VPNs, on the other hand generally offer a 24 hour live chat as well as an extensive FAQ page.

Considering the disadvantages of free vpn, it’s worth paying for a quality paid VPN service to ensure your data is secure. Premium VPNs offer the highest protection and the fastest speeds that you can stream videos, play online games, or browse the internet without being tracked.

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