How to Host a Board Meeting Effectively

The organization of a board meeting can be a complex task. You must balance ensuring your team is well educated and focused, while also creating a friendly environment that cultivates collaboration and encourages open communication. If you’re running a Board meeting in person or remotely from a variety of locations, you can utilize best practices to improve the efficiency of your meetings and enjoyable.

Get Sidetracked

Discussion topics that are brought up during your meeting could eat up your time and divert your team away from the main agenda items. It is crucial to give these new topics the attention they deserve, but not lose sight of your aim of making progress towards your organization’s goals. One method to accomplish this is to include the word “parking lot” in your agenda, where you can set aside non-essential topics for further discussion.

A Clear Sequence

A well-organized board meeting has a clear structure. This includes the call to orders as well as the review of the boardbook and the explanation of the procedure, the list of actions to take in the coming days as well as the discussion of past and current business, and the adjournment. This allows you to quickly address your main issues and stay on schedule.

Keeping your meeting focused isn’t always easy, especially if a topic sparks spirited debate. A lively discussion can be beneficial if it helps to resolve the issue and then move on to your agenda. It’s a waste of time to go over previous discussions at length during your meeting.

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