The Importance of a Well-Planned Board Meeting

A board meeting is a strategic decision-making session for the business that reviews its previous performance, participates in discussions and approves plans of action to assist the organization through its various phases expansion. Often, these plans are for new policies, projects or organizational changes which require coordination among different teams and departments within the company.

A well-planned agenda is crucial for effective board meetings. This ensures that everyone is on the exact same page when it comes to discussing topics. It also limits the distractions caused by tangential discussions as well as useless chatter. By adding an “parking lot” to the end of the agenda can be a great method of putting less important discussion topics to the side, allowing the most important issues to be addressed first.

It’s also vital that all attendees remain focused on the job at hand. If an Board member is disrupting other members or acting in a disruptive manner it’s the Board Chair’s responsibility to restore the order. This may mean temporarily adjourning the meeting until the offender has calmed down, or permanently absconding it if the offending behavior persist.

The creation and recording of detailed minutes is essential to every board meeting. The secretary of the board or minutes keeper is responsible for recording every deliberation or decision in a manner that is simple to comprehend. This includes the details of all motions, including who voted for them and whether they were voted upon by count or voice. The minutes will contain an explanation of any voting that is disregarded.

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