Successful Deal Execution is a Matter of Timing, Focus, Skill and Skill

Effective deal execution is an issue of timing, focus, skill and, above all else, a cool head. Deal professionals who execute well are able to spot miscommunications while they occur and clearly convey complex concepts in writing, document specifics, resist the temptation to overlook the complexity and, when needed, exert a calming influence on the people around them. This is not just due to their experience in investing but also an array of specializations.

Deal execution is the most important factor to transforming a potential acquisition into a real closed deal. This includes everything from identification and screening, through to final negotiations and integration. Investors need to be able to manage the entire process effectively that could include a gated approval procedure as well as a multi-staged process for diligence as well as a 100-day operating plan. To do this, investors need to have a thorough understanding of the global capital markets. They also have to be able to manage the entire process, which can include an investment approval gated by a company and a multi-staged due to diligence process, as well as a 100-day operating plan.

Be aware that the other party is experiencing the same emotions that you are. It’s easy to let perceived slights or miscommunications hinder negotiations. To avoid this it is advisable to enter negotiations with a mind that is open to the possibility of concessions – but always make sure you offer something of value in exchange. This could be in the form of additional assets, a more flexible closing date or the promise to work together on a long-term basis.

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