How to Use Board Portals for Meetings

A governance portal or board portal software solution can provide directors and administrators with a safe, secure digital workspace to collaborate on confidential information, documents and meetings. The best portals allow members to easily prepare for board meetings and take part, while also managing the work that takes place between meetings. Modern portals aid in meeting preparation and collaboration among committee members, board members principal stakeholders, as well as external partners.

It is essential that the software for managing boards be intuitive and easy to use. Ask the vendor if their program is user-friendly and if there’s videos or other resources available to aid members in their journey. It is also important to know how easy it will be for directors to start their first meeting and how the platform syncs with their calendars.

Modern board portals are designed to be as productive and efficient as the boards they represent. They boost participation and efficiency of members through features like task management, which makes it easier for members to manage their responsibilities during meetings. Modern portals also have the use of e-signature and voting capabilities to approve documents quickly and securely. They also make it simple to create and edit meeting minutes, agenda items, and documents.

The most current generation of board portals allow directors and administrators to work in the cloud. This allows for a CFO in Chicago to update the Board Book with an IT manager from Washington DC. This improves the efficiency of a meeting and ensures that all members have access to up-to-date information.

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