How to Set Up a Virtual Data Room

Virtual data rooms are an efficient method of sharing information with third parties in due diligence or other M&A transactions. The effectiveness of the solution will be is contingent on how it is set up and utilized.

Choose an VDR that was designed with sharing seriousness as a priority. It should provide a range of tools for users to upload and share documents in bulk. It should also allow administrators to create folders and indexes easily. It should also include a powerful search tool that allows users to locate documents quickly. The service should permit users to print and download PDF documents that have watermarks. Administrators should be able to keep track of the time that documents are printed as well as downloaded.

Look into whether a vendor offers one-time use transactions or an annual subscription before choosing the vendor. An annual subscription offers more flexibility and lower cost of ownership. It also reduces the chance of sudden price increases throughout the life of the contract.

A quality VDR can be compatible with multiple platforms and browsers including Mac and Linux. It must also work with any file format. In addition it should be able to alter the appearance and feel of the virtual data room by using custom branding.

Check that the VDR has robust security features to prevent unauthorized access to data. For example, the provider should provide multi-factor authentication as well as user security impersonation. Additionally, it should allow administrators to set a session timeout that will automatically end the user’s session after an inactivity period of a certain amount of time.

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