How to Keep Board Meetings Focused

Board meetings are when the board discusses strategies to aid in the growth of their company. It is essential that each board member feels valued for their time and knowledge and that the discussion stays focused on the topics most relevant to their involvement. To ensure that conversations are focused, it’s beneficial to have a few essential methods in place to make the meeting more efficient.

The agenda is distributed to all attendees before the meeting. The agenda being distributed to everyone who attends the board meeting gives them the chance to familiarize themselves with the agenda and prepare for the discussion. This allows them to discuss the documents and share their thoughts in advance.

It is essential to set clear goals for each discussion and be specific about the goal of each discussion. This will save the board time. A board may be aiming to discuss future strategies at a conference. But if the goal is not clear the board can continue to discuss past and current strategies, and in the process prolong the decision-making process.

When discussing strategies it is essential to establish KPIs (key performance indicators) that will show whether your strategies are working. KPIs can be diverse but the most common examples are retention rates of donors and clients and staff turnover rates and acquired revenue. These metrics will allow the board to swiftly and effectively make decisions during the meeting.

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