Developing a Strategic Board Agenda

The agenda of every meeting should be well-defined. It ensures that each discussion reaches its intended outcome and avoids getting lost in the details. It takes more than proper format to plan the right board meeting. Board members must be prepared and ready to participate in productive discussions.

One of the most important things a board can do to ensure a successful meeting is to read the board materials in advance. In this way they can become familiar with the information and know what they’d like to ask during the how to run a board meeting meeting. This is a great opportunity to increase participation by allowing each person’s unique perspective to be heard.

Another key factor in the preparation for a productive strategic board meeting is focusing on the content, not the format. Board meetings should be efficient and focused. Therefore, it is important to organize topics logically. Begin with the most pressing and crucial ones. Then, move on to the ones which build on them. Don’t forget to reserve a portion of the meeting for business that is new. This is a great opportunity for the board to discuss stimulating discussions that will help propel the organization forward.

In recent times Boards have been pushed to perform more hands-on work. This can lead to meetings being longer than they are and drifting off from the topic. A great way to prevent this from happening is to keep the information on the board dashboard at the strategic level and prioritize it.

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