Boost Your Team’s Productivity With Secure Collaborative Deal Management Software

Boost your team’s productivity with secure collaboration tools.

Effective communication is the foundation of a productive workplace, but many online tools are affected by cyber-attacks and security risks. Intralinks business technology for file sharing can help you improve the speed and efficiency of your deal management process while safeguarding sensitive data. It also increases your workspace security.

Investment in property is a difficult process. Our software for corporate development gives your relationship managers or originators, as well as syndicate and sales desk employees the tools needed to make each deal to be a success. When you’re closing an acquisition or negotiating with investors or finalizing a sale, our business file sharing solution allows you to easily access the information you need.

Automated workflows reduce manual data entry and give your private equity (PE) deal teams more flexibility to focus on high-value projects. Choose a system that offers flexible workflows for pipeline management, customizable dashboards and reports, and granular permissions that prevent the accidental or deliberate sharing of sensitive secure collaborative deal management software information.

A top PE solution, Navatar provides streamlined deal source, due diligence and capabilities for reporting on investors. It aids private equity firms monitor their portfolio companies and prioritize and close transactions by analyzing proprietary data. Its utility is limited by the lack of automation, inadequate integrations, and a high price.

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